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Adventures in Drinking: The Wine Century Club – Palate Pres

Adventures in Drinking: The Wine Century Club
Palate Pres
the often-rich local and regional history intrinsic to the grape and its terroir. The Wine Century Club defines a few more ground rules: First, blends count, although for edification purposes I must say that it helps to try single-variety wines.

Wine arsonist sentenced to 27 years by Sacramento federal judge – Sacramento Bee

KTVU San Francisco
Wine arsonist sentenced to 27 years by Sacramento federal judge
Sacramento Bee
The wine Anderson stored there for his clients was a small part of the inventory. The structure was destroyed at a loss conservatively estimated to be $200 million to $250 million, the most costly single disaster in the history of the American wine
Bon vivant arsonist gets 27 years for wine blazeSan Francisco Chronicle
Wineries continue to struggle after arson five years agoKTVU San Francisco

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New Wine: The Spiritual Roots Of The Twelve Step Miracle
This compelling retrospective brings together the cultural currents of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, vividly showing the influences of Carl Jung, the Oxford Group, Emmet Fox, old-time and modern religion, and more. A revealing portrait of A.A.’s distillation of a “new wine of the spirit.”

Customer Review: Excellent background to the current 12 step way of life
If you’re at all interested in how the “phenomenon” of 12 step programs came into being, this book is a must. There are no new ideas on ths planet – only ones that were already there and that change and grow over time. People are using this way of life for every addiction there is. Give it a try.

Customer Review: New Wine?? Advocating alcohol?
signed onto the 12 Step bandwagon for almost 15 years. I thought that I could benefit from its “spiritual principles”. I was also lonely and shy and couldn’t ask out a date, and going to meetings for so many years I thought filled that void.

But the truth remains that Bill Wilson, as documented in AA literature Pass It On, took LSD 20 years into recovery for 3 years, and “advocated it enthusiastically!” Huh??? The AA guru advocating LSD? Think about the ramifications. It is so absurd it is beyond logic. And AA Services minimalizes it because LSD was in its early stages. Also, to add additional insult to my intelligence, Wilson “found God” while on Bella Donna, a hallicinogen commonly used at the time to dry out drunks. So AA’s proverbial GOD, started out on hallucinogenics. and subsequently advocated hallucinogenics 20 years later. And Wilson is voted TIME most 100 influential persons of 20th century.

Frank Buchman, founder of OxFord Group was on the cover to TIME April 20, 1936 (Hitler’s Bday) and referred to Himmler as a “marvelous lad”. Because of Buchman’s comments and cult mentality, the group conveniently changed its name to Moral Reamrmament during WW II. Dr. Bob and Lois were both staunch OxFord members. Wilson was far too much of an alley cat for the OxFord elite, AA assigned people to Wilson’s side to protect vulnerable female newcomers from him and Wilson eventually had a secretary on his payroll to appease lifestyle.

The first 6 of 12 Steps originated with OxFord. You can deduce that AA’s spiritual endeavors began with a Nazi sympathizer. This is the roots of AA.

AA began to dwindle until the Saturday Evening Post article which put a positive “spin” and AA took on a life of its own. The Cult began to grow.

AA cares nothing about your useless membership and claims that it barely gets by every year. A 6 billion dollar health industry is where the $ is at an the 12 Steps are alive and well. generating income. The health care keeps AA foundation going, and leads you to believe that AA is financially vulnerable. It’s propoganda.

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